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Attwell Farm’s Traditional White Butterfly Breast



Indulge yourself this Christmas with our Barn-Reared Traditional White Turkey Butterfly Breast. Reared in Beoley, Worcestershire on our three-generation family farm. Matured & Oven Ready, all our Christmas Butterfly Breasts come with recipe leaflet & pop-up timer. All you need for that perfect family meal.

Our Barn Reared Christmas Turkeys enjoy the freedom of large open barns, with plenty of fresh air and a wholesome diet of cereals plus whole and natural crushed oats from neighboring farmers. From our Three generations of experience, we understand that oats are fantastic natural feed for poultry, offering high health benefits to the flock with their slow burn fats ensuring the highest quality meat and taste synonymous with our Barn Reared Christmas Turkeys.

Attwell Farm is proud of the standard of care all our Christmas turkeys receive, including three times the amount of barn space per turkey decreed by the EEC and a bed of soft, deep litter barley and oat straw that is refreshed every day. All our barn reared turkeys naturally have constant access to fresh water and food.

Merry Christmas from all at Attwell Farm

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